Why Your Current Skill Set Might Not Be Enough

It used to be that one highly specialized skill set could set you up for a comfortable, secure living — a through knowledge of Excel, for example, may have differentiated you as an analytical expert, while a solid grasp of visual editing software could nearly guarantee you a position in design. But in today’s tech-forward world, it may not suffice to be a master of just one trade.

Glassdoor’s Local Pay Reports have shown a decrease in pay for tech jobs and trades that rely on primarily one skill, such as java developers (down 0.1 percent year-over-year to $75,124) and web developers (down 0.9 percent to $64,150).

On the other hand, positions that are multifaceted in nature and require proficiency in a variety of areas are seeing healthy growth, as is the case with job titles like solutions architect (up 3.7 percent to $102,184), web designer (up 3.4 percent to $51,767) and software engineer (up 2.7 percent to $85,806).